Primordial Soup is Simmering

Soup 3

Sculptor Clinton Chaloner is working in Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park, creating a menagerie of quirky creatures to become part of an installation on the bank of the River Severn, called Primordial Soup. I had a brief chat with their creator this morning, and took some photos of the work in progress.

Clinton told me that he has been working with schools in Shrewsbury and Pontesbury to make some of the creatures. There are about a dozen finished beasties already, piles of wood and heaps of twigs waiting to be used, and some more part-finished creations.

Soup 9

The installation will be placed so that the creatures are coming out of the water and crawling onto the land and up the bank. It should be pretty impressive when it’s all finished.

While you won’t find any of these lifeforms in a standard biology textbook, they are not as far from reality as you might think. Clinton Chaloner was quick to acknowledge the source of his inspiration: “I spent too much of my youth staring at pond water through a microscope” he said.

Soup 1

Primordial Soup is part of the Shift Time Festival.

More photos of the sculptures.



Having just been looking at Clinton Chaloner’s beasties, Iwandered across the park and into the Dingle Gardens, and looked at some of the equally strange vegetable lifeforms on display:

Strange things 1

Strange things 2

Strange things 3

Strange things 4

Strange things 5

Strange things 6

Isn’t life wonderful?


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