Leaping Upward, Quantum by Quantum

Work in progress
The little garden on the bank of the River Severn in Shrewsbury, opposite the new theatre by the Welsh Bridge, looks more like a shipyard than a garden at present: with a large gantry, a tall crane and the sort of plant you hire rather than stick in the ground! But on closer inspection, the trees in the garden have been carefully protected with barricades, and the new Darwin memorial sculpture, Quantum Leap, is slowly taking shape.

There’s some complex engineering going on: the central support of  the sculpture is being bolted together, piece by piece, and the stones lifted into place with removable lifting rings.


Anatomy of a leap

They are working from both sides towards the middle. The final shape of Quantum Leap will be an inverted U of massive stones, so it could get pretty exciting as they approach the final few sections up at the top.

Growing up

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