Tiny Creatures

Captured ELF

Into Rowley’s House this morning, where I encountered the tiny twittering and bleeping world of ELF: Electronic Life Forms, created by Pascal Glissmann and Martina Höfflin of  the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Their website is: www.electronic-life-forms.com 

The exhibition is spread around a room that is far too large for it, but the individual solar-powered creatures, the photos, and the short video (which shows them in their natural habitat and after their subsequent capture by researchers) are delightful and worth a close look. I was lucky enough to have time to sketch one of the captive creatures. The exhibition runs until Sunday 12th July. Details at: www.shift-time.org.uk


2 Responses to “Tiny Creatures”

  1. suetortoise Says:

    You’re welcome! I used to work in an electronics factory, soldering components like these. Your little ELFs brought back happy memories.

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