Viral Replicators

Fun for the flu-struck
As my (fortunately mild) dose of swine flu gets into it’s third day, I have been alternating my time between sleeping and re-reading Charlie Stross novels. The weirdness level of Singularity Sky  and Iron Sunrise  seem just about spot on, while my system mounts its counter-attack to the alien invasion. So far, I think the good guys are winning….


2 Responses to “Viral Replicators”

  1. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the blog posting. I read Singularity Sky a few years ago. It was very good but oftentimes hard to follow. I look forward to reading Iron Sunrise.

    BTW, great blog site!

    Saludos de Miami, Florida,


  2. suetortoise Says:

    Iron Sunrise is a little easier on the brain than Singularity Sky, but still very Charlie Stross! (I think Accelerando was the one that really fried my mind….) If you ever get a chance to hear him talk, take it — he’s great fun to listen to, and one of the good guys.

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