It’s been a while

Sorry, I meant to write again before this.

Novacon was a pleasant convention. Fairly low-key, as most recent Novacons have been, but none the worse for that. The new hotel proved friendly and eager to please – they seemed a little bemused at first, but they soon got used to us. And we’re welcome back there next year. I sold enough stuff in the Art Show to cover my train fair and most of the food bill, so that was okay. (The food was good.) And I enjoyed some good talks and panels, caught up with old friends, and met some new folk. Which is why I went. That’s the good bit.

I didn’t get my nose outside the hotel once I’d arrived, as the weather was so grim – rain, more rain, with showers for a change now and then. Perhaps it’s not surprising that a head cold followed me home. With all the Worse Things about, I feel strangely proud to have succumbed to a perfectly ordinary English winter cold. Mind you, it’s been necessary to keep explaining that it’s just a cold. People look at you as if you should be locked up if you happen to cough or sneeze within ten foot of them, even if you turn away and you catch it in a tissue.

When not sneezing, I’ve been spending too much time watching the rain again. The camera hasn’t had an outing for a fortnight. I’m getting tired of getting soaked when going to work or nipping to the shops, and bored with listening to the wind slamming against my windows. Please can we have some settled sunshine for a bit, to dry things out? At least Shrewsbury hasn’t had the catastrophic flooding that Cumbria and other parts of the country have had to put up with. But this grey damp is depressing me. I want to have something more upbeat to write about than rain and sneezes.


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