An Early Start

Sunrise water
It was a cold and frosty morning this morning. Despite the temptation of my warm and comfortable bed (I’m not at work today), I got up and dressed and took my camera to the park before the frost melted. It was worth the effort to see the sun come up over the still-swollen River Severn. The comorants were fishing, there were two grebes swimmming about by Shrewsbury School’s boathouse, and the air felt clean and fresh. By the time I came home, just after nine, the sun was sulking in grey cloud and the frost had melted.
Frosty park
I am not often good at getting up and out when I don’t have to, so I promised myself a bacon and egg MacMuffin on the way home. An incentive that obviously worked. (Very good it was, too. The best thing MacDonalds does.)
Sunrise park negative
This picture is simply the negative of one of my sunrise shots. I looked at the original and wondered how to bring out the wonderful patterns in the tree-branches. Sudden inspiration: try the negative version. Worked even better than I hoped. I wish all my bright ideas were as effective.


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  1. Those are just beautiful!

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