Shining Gently

My Christmas Tree 2009

The Christmas tree went up today. I’ve had this one for ten years, since my first Christmas in the Tortoise Loft.


7 Responses to “Shining Gently”

  1. That is so pretty!

  2. 10 Years! I can’t believe it! I still think of that as your “new” place.

    It looks very pretty.

  3. suetortoise Says:

    Thanks. It’s a very easy tree to decorate, so I can’t take much credit.

  4. Inversion Layer Says:

    Wow. I remember you moving in. Are you sure you counted correctly?


  5. Kevon Kenna Says:

    Fine tree. I’m less sure about the fat worm resting on the apple that it has just crawled out of.

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