Bellowhead on St George’s Day

On Friday 23rd April, I went to see Bellowhead in concert at Theatre Severn. If you’ve not yet heard the band, have a look at (and a listen to) their website. Eleven remarkably talented people, an amazingly eclectic range of instruments and bags of energy. Definitely worth seeing live.
Bellowhead perfoming

This was a seated gig, which meant I got to see them for the first time. I’d find it hard to cope with a standing concert. They played plenty of their best known pieces, including Fakenham Fair and Cholera Camp, and many new songs from their forthcoming album. Which should be a corker: I still can’t get New York Girls (“Can’t You Dance the Polka?”) out of my head! A great evening, and if you get a chance to catch this band, grab it!

Some of you will be saying: Hang on Sue, you posted an earlier version of this report with some photos of the band in concert. So where are they now?

I did. I had my camera with me at the concert, I had a stalls seat with an unobstructed view of the stage, and I  took several photos in the first half of the evening – I’d seen other cameras and mobile phones in use so it seemed to be allowed. But shortly after the break, a member of the Theatre Severn staff came over and that photography wasn’t permitted. Oops! So I stopped.

I’ve not had much luck with my photos in theatre settings before, but I had half a dozen shots of the band that I was really pleased with. Nice and clear. So the next morning I proudly posted them on Flickr and put some of them in a blog post here.

And then I started feeling uncomfortable as they were unauthorised. I like to keep my conscience clear, so I won’t be showing them again unless I get permission from the band or something. The rules don’t say ‘no sketching’ so you’ll have to make do with a drawing for now. Or better still, go and see Bellowhead for yourselves – it’s worth it!

STOP PRESS: Hey, a band that reads blog posts! I feel very honoured. Here’s a couple of shots – they link back to Flickr, where you’ll find the rest.
Bellowhead 3

Bellowhead 1


3 Responses to “Bellowhead on St George’s Day”

  1. Hi Sue. Lovely drawing. And thanks for your enthusiasm. Of course you can show your photos – I thought they were great.
    Usually I tell theatres that we don’t mind photos being taken at gigs but forgot on this occasion. Sorry about that. It’s a particular shame because the lighting was so good at the show and it would have been good to have more photos.
    Best Wishes


  2. suetortoise Says:

    Thanks Mark. I’ve made them all visible on Flickr again. And please thank the band for a great show.

  3. suetortoise Says:

    A further update to this – I saw heart of Bellowhead, the equally-wonderful-as-a-duo Spiers & Boden, at Theatre Severn on 14th April. Another great night. Highly recommended.

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