Where Do Sheep Go On Holiday?

Where Do Sheep Go On Holiday?

One of those haunting questions. (Thanks to Felix Abrinski for sending my mind on this track with a comment on Facebook.) Do Sheep all go to the same place? And what do they do when they get there?

Your Suggestions Please!


10 Responses to “Where Do Sheep Go On Holiday?”

  1. No matter where they go, they get a haircut first!

  2. Baaaali or Baaaaababdos!

  3. abrinsky Says:

    Not sure where but it must have been warm as they have come back without their coats!

  4. suetortoise Says:

    Fleeced by the locals, no doubt.

  5. Ruarigh Says:

    I think that some go to the EweSA, others to Eweganda but many like to stay in the EweK.

  6. Kevon Kenna Says:


  7. Ruarigh Says:

    Are the ones that stay at home afraid of getting fleeced abroad?

  8. Kevon Kenna Says:

    I just checked, and the answer is Oban.
    Hebridean crofters get cheap fares of the ferries if they are taking livestock; so they take one or two sheep with them just to get the cheap fares.

  9. suetortoise Says:

    I’ve heard of ‘dogs must be carried on these escalators’ Kevon, but sheep fare offers at Oban sound too good to be true.

    Here’s a link to the story

    I saw some young ones booking flights to Sheep-hol Airport, off for a weekend in Amsterram.

    Keep the suggestions coming!

  10. They go to Boo-Loin to drink the hoc.

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