I’ve not taken many photographs of late – I’ve been busy working on drawings for a forthcoming art show in my spare time, and catching up on housework. But this morning, an intermittantly-sunny Sunday morning, I took the opportunity to wander along the riverbank to the Quarry Park with my camera. The Dingle Gardens were looking fine and full of colour, as they usually are, but I was far more interested in the shapes and textures of the marquees which are in the process of being erected for the Flower Show next month.



3 Responses to “Marquee”

  1. Love the photos, Sue

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Great photos – the little details are always my favourites

    • suetortoise Says:

      Yes, I have a particular weakness for details of scaffolding, building materials, and things in stacks or scruffy heaps. So when I saw a part erected marquee lying around unatended on the grass I said ‘Ooooh!’ and switched on the camera.

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