A Busy Month


August has been hectic so far, and likely to remain so. I’ve been busy getting some pictures together for an art show in Melbourne – I’ve finally finished them now, all packed and ready to put in the post.

Aussiecon4 Artwork

On the home front, the housing association did a property survey at the end of July, which resulted in new kitchen taps and two new window units at the Tortoise Loft. The one in the living room replaces a pane that has been a milky, murky eyesore for as long as I’ve lived here, and the increase in light is wonderful.

New Pane 10 08 10Here it is, freshly installed, still bearing the workmen’s fingerprints. (Not much of view, but at least I can see it.)

My mother has been in respite care for a fortnight, to give my father a much needed break. So I’ve been making trips to Bishop’s Castle to visit her. (She’s been very well looked after at Stonehouse.) The bus trip takes an hour and runs through some fine Shropshire scenery, through Pontesbury and Minsterley and then along the wooded Hope Valley and into the South Shropshire hill country with views of the Long Mynd and the Stiperstones before dropping down into Bishops Castle, a fine old town. (These pictures were taken in November 2007. More pictures of the town here, here and here)
Saturday lunchtimeRed brick and timber
Pub and church

Harvesting is well under way, the trees are beginning to turn colour, and the long, light summer mornings and evenings are going fast. But in a couple of weeks it will be spring again, at least for me. My pictures are not the only ones going to Melbourne – I shall be flying out too, for the World Science Fiction Convention and a short holiday with Kevon – although with the current threat of airport strikes, I am not entirely sure if I will get away on schedule.

So I am busy with preparations for the trip, and trying to get the place tidy again and clear up the mess from making and mounting my artwork. It looks like an explosion in a stationer’s shop right now. I shall have friends looking after the Tortoise Loft while I am away, so I need to leave it tidy. And I am not a tidy person by nature. I always keep the place clean. I can do ‘neat’ when I am making things, but ‘tidy’ is very, very hard work. (I assume it’s a dyspraxic trait to work in what looks like a total muddle and find clearing up after myself a struggle, but maybe it’s just me?)

So much to do, so few days in which to do it…. But it will be worth it to see Kevon again.

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