Meanwhile back in the UK…

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, or about my visit to Australia. I’ll be telling you about the next part of the trip shortly. Life, meanwhile, has been rather busy. So here’s an update.

Fruit and veg shop, Ludlow
This photo was taken on a dull November morning in Ludlow. I was there with ten of the Shropshire Community Flickr Group. The light was not very good for photography, but we saw salmon leaping up Dinham Weir and had a pleasant walk along the Bread Path by the River Teme to Ludford. We then walked into the town for leisurely and delicious lunch in the Church Inn. More pictures on Flickr, here.

My new job is going well. It’s a maternity cover, through an agency, and should last until spring, at least. Three days a week – Wednesday to Friday, as an accounts clerk at a large solicitors’ practice. The have two offices in Shrewsbury and one in Whitchurch. The one where I work could hardly be handier – just six doors down the road from my front door! No bus fares and no waiting at cold bus stops over the winter. And it’s nine-to-five with a whole hour for lunch.

Of course, there’s a lot to learn – names, jargon, initials (they use initials constantly), all the various office proceedures and a different accounting system to any of the others I’ve encountered in my working life. (This is the first time I’ve done legal accounts work.) So I have been very tired and not very creative outside of work, which explains the delay in continuing this blog. But, much more to the point, I am really enjoying the new job and like the people and the place.

I also really enjoyed the science fiction convention I went to in the middle of November. Novacon 40 was a big anniversary party for my favourite, friendly annual convention, and we were lucky to have so many well known authors there, and some interesting talks and discussions, including two interesting scientific talks, and Geoff Ryman showing clips from early silent films when the spectacular effects were all done the hard way. Brian Aldiss and Iain Banks were the guests of honour, and were highly entertaining. Harry Harrison, the third invitee, was too frail to attend in person, but sent video greetings. As usual, I helped with the art show, and displayed some of my own work.
Novacon 40 Programme Book Cover
I was very honoured to be invited to provide the cover art for the convention’s Programme Book and the three Progress Reports that proceeded it. Turning the three guests into my trademark Martians was quite a challenge, but I was happy with the final result.

So there we are. It’s a month until Christmas, I’m behind with everything, the flat is in a pickle and my computer is suffering from extreme old age. But I am happy, very happy. Life is good.

One Response to “Meanwhile back in the UK…”

  1. Kevon Kenna Says:

    I’m sure your previous accounts were legal.

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