Monday morning

I had to share this from the Tortoise Loft’s comment spam filter before I vanished it:

Thoroughly cooked, I welcome you all again. After my long propinquity in the forum is not, I could not procure the open sesame to your time-honoured vignette and started a chic one. I’m glad that I am again with you.

Nothing like a time-honoured vignette to cheer up a grey and very windy Shrewsbury morning, is there? Except for a new washing machine that works – and works even better than I expected it to. I have one of those. I’ve just fed it a second load.

The old washing machine died just a few days after the ice in the courtyard was finally removed and normal drainage restored. Eleven years of good service, and three months of gradual decline in its spinning ability as it wore itself out. But it has needed no repairs – until it passed utterly beyond repair last weekend. I was rather sad to see it unceremoniously lugged  down the stairs by the delivery men who brought the shiny new one. (I felt sorry for them, too – there are a lot of stairs. 56 steps in total.)

It left  its fanbelt lying in the hall as a souvenir.


One Response to “Monday morning”

  1. Graham Higgins Says:

    Compliments on your time-honoured vignette? I should be so lucky. My spam is generally half-baked, not the thoroughly cooked morsels you evidently attract. Please to accepting my congratulatings for about your literally strenuous feats.

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