Wax and Polish

Yellow Mat 2 complete

Well, late last night the last stitch went into Yellow Mat Two. St Mary’s clock was just striking nine as I cut the thread.  I promised to report on how the waxed thread performed when it was pressed. And it behaved very well indeed. I did give it a dry iron between sheets of absorbent paper before I damp-pressed and lightly starched the mat, but there didn’t seem to be anything noticable on the paper after the ironing. And the thread lost all the stiffness and dullness when it was pressed. It has its shine and silkiness back. (In fact it looks better than it does on the first mat, as it hasn’t been so stressed during stitching.)
Yellow Mat 2 close up
So the beeswax has been a complete success, and I’ll certainly use it again if I need it.

I wanted to photograph the mat this evening, when I got home from work. So I put it on a table and set some lights around it. And then I decided that the table could use a polish before I took the photo. I popped into the kitchen and grabbed an old spray-bottle of Mr Sheen. This was a pump-bottle, not an aerosol. It was nearly empty, but I could hear just a little liquid sloshing about in the bottom of it. Much pumping of the handle did not produce any spray, so I took the top off and tipped the bottle very slightly onto the table. Very slightly – but forgetting that this was a triangular shaped bottle and a small tilt was the equivalent of a much bigger tilt on a normal bottle. Oops! There was a lot more left in it than I expected and it came out in a rush. Fortunately I had the sense to push the mat swiftly onto the floor, because the photography had to be delayed while a large puddle of polish was mopped up from the table and spread around everything else likely to benefit from it.

At least the polish stayed off the new Yellow Mat and off the carpet, and I now have four very shiny wooden tables!

3 Responses to “Wax and Polish”

  1. Hi, what beautiful work! I also love doing hardanger embroidery…I find it so soothing to stitch, particularly kloster blocks and eyelets….thanks for sharing!

    • suetortoise Says:

      Yes, Debbie, Hardanger is very soothing to stitch – if I am stressed about something, I find counted thread work is perfect to keep me calm. The more complex the better! There’s nothing like trying to replace a mistakenly-cut thread for keeping your mind of other troubles!
      Did you know that Yvette Stanton of Vetty creations and White Threads Blog is bringing out a new book on early-style Hardanger, soon? I am really looking forward to that. http://www.vettycreations.com.au/early-style-hardanger.html

      • Hi Sue, yes I did….I belong to a hardanger group on facebook, which she also belongs to…I am just as excited as you! 🙂 I know what you mean about mistakenly cutting threads, I’ve done that more than once!

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