Trellis Stitch and other things

Oak Sprig Card 

Here’s a little picture I made for a greeting card for friends in Tasmania . It’s rayon machine-embroidery thread on linen. I drew the leaves from an oak tree in the grounds of Shrewsbury Castle. The picture had to be done in rather a rush to meet a deadline, so this is quick stitchery with no time for painstaking detail, but I decided to use various types of trellis stitch. A somewhat foolhardy choice, especially as I was still so new to the stitch. In the end, the stitching went surprisingly fast, and the trellis stitches seemed quite resilliant to being worked in a somewhat more slapdash manner than I’d like.

Here’s a stitch key:

I don’t like putting up half-finished pages on Tortoise Loft, but my progress in getting a long-promised article and instructions for the embroidery stitches in the trellis stitch family has been very slow. So I have now posted the main page and the first three of five sets of instructions. The remaining two pages will be with you shortly. The main Trellis Stitch Family page is here.

I’ve no further news to report regarding the Bowdler Picture in my previous post. It has not been forgotten, but the museum moves alost as slowly as I do.

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