In the middle of July, my parents Barbara and Eric Jones celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.
Anniversary 04
It was a quiet celebration: there were presents and congratulations and we went for a meal at the pub across the road from where they live. Mum hadn’t realised it was their 60th anniversary, and was delighted to get a card from the Queen.
Anniversary 07
Ten days later, Mum was on her way to hospital, with heart and breathing problems. She’s currently in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and likely to be there for some while. But she’s alert and surpisingly cheerful and the treatment she is receiving is obviously doing her some good.

Needless to say, a lot of other things in my life are on hold at present. (I am doing most of the hospital-visiting, as it is a 60 mile round trip for my father, who can no longer drive and is not well enough to use public transport.) So I won’t have very much activity to talk about on the blog for a while.

I have nearly finished the remaining Trellis Stitch Variation pages, and will let you know when they are finally online. I’m also still waiting to hear more about the Bowdler picture. Things are happening: the museum staff have been busy doing some research into how the picture came to them, and are in the process of contacting the V&A for an expert opinion on its age.


4 Responses to “Diamonds”

  1. Your mother is very fortunate to have you to visit her. Every patient needs a steady friend and a vocal advocate to hold her hand and notice what she needs. Even the very best hospitals are understaffed when it comes to the simple acts of loving kindness that we need so badly in our final illnesses.
    I will be thinking of you, and watching for more wonderful things on your blog as the opportunity arises.
    Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

  2. Elmsley Rose Says:

    Reading this, I went from “oh, how wonderful” to “oh no!”. I’m really glad to hear that your Mum’s treatment seems to be effective, but sorry that it’s happened – with especially rotten timing too. Does she have the Queen’s letter by her hospital bedside?

  3. It sounds as though you’ve had to cope with an emotional roller coaster over the past few weeks. Not many people make it to their Diamond Wedding and I hope your mother continues to respond to treatment.

  4. suetortoise Says:

    When I saw her today, I told her that she had good wishes from people around the world, and she said that I must thank you all. She’s being well looked after by the staff at the RSH.

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