Life Goes On

Firstly, thank you to those who sent supportive messages and kind thoughts during the last few weeks. They were appreciated. Life is slowly getting back to normal, but I will still be spending a fair amount of time helping my Dad get sorted out. Things like the blog have had to take a back seat for a while, and I still don’t know how soon I will be able to get back to volunteering at the museum.

I’ve had time for a bit of embroidery, while I’ve been at Dad’s, but at the moment I am working on a few pieces for a small art show at Novacon science fiction convention in Nottingham. Here’s a quick shot of a work in progress:
Dragon in progress

It’s in coloured pencils on Rowney Cryla paper, a primed, fabric-textured surface that I find very sympathetic to this type of pencil work. I’m quite pleased with how the picture is turning out so far.  Now I must try my best not to rush it, or work on it when I am too tired, and spoil it. It’s hard to force myself to slow and stop when I’m ‘on a roll’, but I’ve learnt the hard way….

And once I have my art show pieces ready, I’ll be back to working on the next proper blog post, which is still sitting on my computer, half-finished. That’s a promise!


3 Responses to “Life Goes On”

  1. Wish I could draw like that!

  2. Oh! He’s Looooovely!
    Been thinking of you. I know your Mum meant a great deal to you. . I hope your Dad is doing ok. *hugs to you both*

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