Well past Year’s Turning

Here we are, already beyond the middle of January, so about time I popped in a quick everyday life and stitchery update before I post anything else.

Christmas at Bucknell was very wet and gloomy weatherwise, but very pleasant. Dad and I were both getting over norovirus, so it was a quite event, but we managed to tuck into a fine Christms dinner cooked by Alan, my sister’s partner. We spent a lot of the time looking at old family photographs that Dad’s mother had put in a box, most of them unlabelled. (We’d come across them while sorting paperwork.) Frances, my sister, is working hard on the family tree. She and Dad managed to put names to quite a few of them, and Dad had lots of stories to tell about uncles, aunts and cousins.

Curiosity WIP 2: grown another foot

Too wet for my usual excursions with the camera, and not much light for stitching, but I managed to get a little further with ‘ The Curiosity’ – the chain stitch picture on silk which I have been doing for several months. I posted the first work-in-progress picture last year. Here’s another teasing little section (you’ll have to wait a good while before I show you the whole picture). As you can see, it’s grown another foot!

Since Christmas, I’ve been back in Shrewsbury, back at work and being rather lazy outside of work. I’ve been dabbling with a new stitch. It is a slight variation of French stitch, a canvas-work stitch, adapted for counted thread embroidery on fabric. I call it ‘pineapple stitch’, because the texture reminds me of the outside of a pineapple. It’s surprisingly quick and easy to work, and doesn’t require a frame, so this small mat is my current carry-about project for odd moments and wet lunch breaks (or, currently, snowy ones).

Pinapple Stitch mat WIP corner

I’m using a small oddment of fabric from my stash for the pinEapple stitch mat, and various colours and makes of pearl cotton 12, also from stock. I have to use what’s in the house – I don’t usually make New Year Resolutions, but I am banning myself from buying any more fabric or thread or needlework books before Easter. That’s a hard resolution for me to keep (especially as I’ve also banned non-essential stationery purchases) but necessary: I can hardly move in here for stuff and it needs using-up, not just storing. Perhaps you won’t be surprised to see that I’ve chosen spring flower colours for this piece of stitchery – I call it ‘Spring is Just Around the Corner’.

Pinapple Stitch mat WIP detail

I’ll be back in a day or two with a bit of family history – and the Station Master’s Dog, as promised.

3 Responses to “Well past Year’s Turning”

  1. they’re quite different looking to one another, but sometimes its good to havea contrast so you dont get bored.

    I know what you mean, I horrified myself when I looked at my cloth stash last week – I could outfit and army battalion (ok, so it would be quite a camp and shiny army battalion, but…)

    • suetortoise Says:

      A camp, shiny but very historically correct army, if you were kitting them out, Tanya! Yes, I do like some variety in my stitching to keep myself interested enough to finish things before taking on too many other projects.

  2. Just a liddle bit of pretty stationary? I got a snail that breaks in two, with magnets in each inner half, that will hold up my bills-to-be-paid etc in the same way a pair of book ends would work, only it’s the strong magnet working through the papers held up. He’s rather cool. But now I’m just being cruel.
    So – “The Curiosity” is the name of that piece. The colours are looking beautiful – once again, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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