Rescue Drama on the Banks of the River Severn

When I went down to Shrewsbury Flower Show this morning with my camera, I was anticipating taking photographs of flowers and produce, brass bands and crowds, fast food vans and stalls selling everything from hats to shoes, garden ornaments to orthopaedic beds. Rather like the set I made in 2007.

Instead, I found myself caught up in an event taking place right across the river from the Quarry Park.  Two fire engines and a rescue vehicle with a large hoist, a rescue dinghy and any number of fire officers, police officers. What was going on?

rescue 01

The chap sitting on the edge of the river is holding a halter of an Aberdeen Angus cow, which has got trapped between the wooden planking at the edge of the river and the eroded bank behind it.

The rescue took over an hour from when I started taking photos.

Here, the vet has a look:
rescue 05

Sedating the cow – that’s the vet on the end of the rope.
rescue 08

This attempt to hoist the cow out failed, as did the next one:
rescue 12

But third time lucky:
rescue 14

And a happy ending for the story:
rescue 16

You can see the whole set on Flickr here: Animal Rescue – Shrewsbury

As for me, I am off back to the Flower Show shortly – tonight we have the ever-wonderful Bellowhead in concert, marching bands, choirs and then the dazzling delights of Kimbolton Fireworks for the finale.


2 Responses to “Rescue Drama on the Banks of the River Severn”

  1. Poor moo! Hope it looks where it’s going next time. Perhaps it wanted a closer look at the Flower Show?

  2. Very expensive cow.

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