A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I took my stitchery and a packed lunch and my camera and went to the sunken flower garden in Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park, the Dingle. This is the view from the bench where I ate my sandwiches:
Dingle 29-09-13 01

Here are a couple more shots of the garden:

Dingle 29-09-13 05

Dingle 29-09-13 08

Outside the Dingle, there was a fun fair starting up for the day. Even a small fun fair is a feast for my camera. You’ll find the whole set of yesterday’s pictures on Flickr, but here are a few to give you a taste:

Fun Fair 29-09-13 11
Fun Fair 29-09-13 09

Fun Fair 29-09-13 12


6 Responses to “A Sunny Sunday Afternoon”

  1. What a gorgeous garden – a real delight!

  2. What beautiful colors so late in the season! I sometimes take my embroidery to the Denver botanical gardens, but it isn’t quite as lovely as that!

  3. Elmsley Rose Says:

    What a pity pink fairy floss is now an object of horror, not of desire, like when we were six. The garden makes me think of fairy floss as well – so many colours!

  4. suetortoise Says:

    The garden is lovely now, as the plants have spread and some have gone to seed. They aren’t as formal as they are in high summer. The Dingle is lovely in spring, too – crocuses on the banks, gentle colours in the beds and the azaleas and rhodies in bloom. We are very lucky here in Shrewsbury.

    Ah, candy floss! The magic of watching it form in drifts on the stick. But somehow it never tasted quite as magical as it looked, once you’d had the first mouthful.

  5. What gorgeous flowers! One day I would love to visit England in the summer to see the gardens.

    • suetortoise Says:

      We are particularly lucky in Shrewsbury as it is justly famous for its flowers. We won Britain in Bloom again this year in the ‘small city’ category, and this little garden – The Dingle – won Best Public Park.

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