Bad news, good news

My father was rushed to hospital a few days ago, having had a stroke. Fortunately he was found by friends who called soon after he collapsed, and although the Air Ambulance couldn’t land in the village because of the weather, he was rushed by ground ambulance to Hereford Hospital who did marvels.

The last few days have been total chaos, but he is doing very well so far. His mind and memory are fine, he’s already got his speech back to near normal, and just starting to get some movement on his right side. The hospital are very pleased with his progress. I’m hopeful that he’ll continue to make a good recovery, so that he can go back to his own home. But at 93, it may take him a while. Meanwhile, please don’t be surprised if you get a slow response to comments, emails or your own blog posts – I’ll be rather distracted by hospital visiting and all the other things I’ll have to fit into my life.

UPDATE 12/02/14: Further good news. Dad is now out of the acute ward and has gone to a specialist stroke rehabilitation unit to get his skills and confidence back. He’s very nearly back to normal already – talking and walking well, but he needs to get his right hand and arm working a little better before he can go back home.


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