I am still around!

My apologies for a long delay since the last post. Life’s been a bit busy.

4-leaf clover

My father’s health started deteriorating in April. By Easter he seemed to be failing fast. We thought it was something connected with his stroke at the end of January – the stroke he seemed to have survived so well. It wasn’t. While he was in Hereford, the hospital doctor had stopped one of his usual medications. Once his GP restarted the tablets, he started improving mentally and physically. He’s pretty much back to where he was before the stroke now, and keeping busy with various projects. But April and May were a bit of a blur as a result. I also had a few hospital visits of my own, so my spare time has been a bit limited.

No further news of the death watch beetle (no more click-click-clicks in the quiet, as the mating season is over), and no more news of getting the leak in the ceiling by the window fixed. So that side of the living room is decorated with my hi-fi speakers in a tower, topped by a piece of chipboard, topped by a spare plastic washing up bowl. Not an elegant piece of sculpture, but effective. Fortunately, there hasn’t been enough heavy rain to start the leak again recently. I will be very glad when something is done about the roof.

Hungry Martian

Thank you for your comments on choosing a third flower for my set of silk pictures. I am definitely planning to do daisies now. I haven’t done more than look at daisies very carefully, make a few sketches and do a couple of small samples of petals to see how to go about them. That project is on hold. I’m trying to get work done for the art show at the World Science Fiction Convention, Loncon 3, in August. The deadline for finalising what I will put in the show is fast approaching, so I dare not start any other embroidery projects until I’ve got the show pieces done and mounted. I’ve made a start – you can see a couple of the coloured drawings here.

Pink Ray-Gun


















I’d never found a four-leaf clover before this summer, but I have found a clump of white clover, quite near where I work, which has a tendency to put out the occasional quatrefoil leaf among the usual three-leaflet ones. In fact I’ve found four of them on that group of plants so far. I picked a few of the dead flower heads this week, and I have put them into some soil in my Dad’s garden – in the hope that some of the heads have viable seeds and that some of the seeds carry the four-leaf trait and one or two of them will germinate. You never know, I might be lucky!


8 Responses to “I am still around!”

  1. My best wishes for your future good fortune!

  2. I thnk sometimes you really have to nag doctors to get proper treatment for elderly relatives- my mum had a much older and very ill sister (she’d had scarlet fever as a child, hoels in the head, had to learn to walk again etc) and once bawled out a young doctor for not bothering to read the charts, he’s been trying to treat her with antibiotics when she was completely impervious to them. (gareth likes to keep me awake at night by explaining the science behind why there probably wont be any antibiotics by the time we’re really old)

    leaks are horrid, I’m so glad I have a pet builder

    good luck with the con

    • suetortoise Says:

      Yes, too often I hear stories like your mother’s sister’s. It’s not easy when they are so rushed for time, but it is a shame that they are. To be fair, Dad’s GP’s medical practice was in the middle of a move to new premises and his doctor was away on holiday. The doctor now keeps much more of a weather eye on Dad – calls every few weeks and tells him he was ‘just passing’. He is good at knowing what suits Dad and what doesn’t, and Dad trusts him – which is very important.

      The roof repair work here is way beyond the capabilities of the Housing Association’s pet builders (who are very good), because it’s so high and in a main shopping street. The repairs team are supposed to be looking for a specialist company who can do it and are willing to do it… It is probably easier to find four-leaf clovers.

  3. Elmsley Rose Says:

    oh, best of Luck!

  4. Elmsley Rose Says:

    I can see Pink Raygun being a very interesting piece if it is done very delicately (fine threads, faded palette) – contrast with the subject

    • suetortoise Says:

      I suppose it could be worked in embroidery, now you mention it. But it’s just a little ink-and-colour picture. I will be exhibiting some embroidery – including ‘Batty’. (I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to him.) But mostly drawings and fractals.

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