A Long-Delayed Update

Dreams of Empire Stitched Box

My apologies for so long a gap between blog posts. My Dad went into Hereford County Hospital at the beginning of October, came out a week later, was doing well, and then ended up rushed back there again on the 8th of November. So I’ve been doing too much tearing around and organising things to do a coherent post.

Anyway, he’s making a good recovery at present, and yesterday he moved to Ludlow Community Hospital. He’ll be there for a few days, until he’s quite ready to go home. My sister is now taking over phone and visiting duties for a while, as I am off to Nottingham this morning for a weekend at Novacon 44 – the annual science fiction convention there. The box in the picture is one for the art show, as is my version of Tanya’s dragon. I’m quite pleased with the finished result now he’s mounted on a board.Tempest, a Sea Dragon

I hope life will get back to somewhere near normal soon, but I’m not counting on it….

10 Responses to “A Long-Delayed Update”

  1. Hope your dad recovers well, and glad to see you’re still around (even if crazily busy!) Dragon looks stunning 😀

  2. I know what you mean about not counting on normality returning! The box looks really rich and luxurious, and as for the dragon – what a very fine fellow he turned out to be!

    • suetortoise Says:

      Dragon has gone to a new home where I know he’ll be very happy. Everything I took to the show sold, so I’m also very happy!

  3. Elmsley Rose Says:

    I’d seen your dragon on Tanya’s Flickr group – he’s wonderful. Having seen your version in particular, I want to do one myself now.
    I hope that you have a great time at Novacon and it provides a (what I’m sure is a) much needed break. And you got all your pictures done in time!

  4. suetortoise Says:

    It was a very good break, and I feel much, much better for it. Tanya’s dragon is great fun to stitch – I’m looking forward to trying her leopard before long.

    • Elmsley Rose Says:

      Yay! More creatures. I do so love creatures. I see in a comment above everything in the show sold – congratulations.

      • suetortoise Says:

        I’ve a growing list of embroidery projects in my mind, leopard included. Now I just need the time and energy….

  5. The best for your dad. Your embroidered box and dragon are so beautiful and the colors are perfect. Congratulations.

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