Slightly Out of Touch

Firstly, apologies for a lack of postings/comments lately. I’ve been a bit tied up with the rest of life lately, and I don’t even have home internet or phone right now – waiting for a repairman.
Dad had some further health setbacks last month, but has made great progress in the last 10 days – he’s still convalescent in Ludlow Hospital, but if all goes well, he should be back home before too long.
And the days are getting longer, the sun has been shining a bit and I saw my first crocus of the year a few days ago – and came home and tried to capture it.
stitch sketch - Crocus
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

9 Responses to “Slightly Out of Touch”

  1. Elmsley Rose Says:

    Beautiful! The silk must shine so.
    I’ve been thinking of you and your Dad.

    • suetortoise Says:

      I’ll pass on your good wishes to Dad, Megan. The ‘silk’ does shine, but it’s just machine rayon, not real silk.

  2. Lovely. I like the background painting too.

    • suetortoise Says:

      I haven’t tried using the Inktense pencils on fabric before – cotton in this case. They are easy to use, and the colour is fairly controllable when it is brushed with water. A successful first experiment.

  3. I love your crocus – very springlike!
    Thinking of you and your Dad..

  4. This is a lovely piece. The painted background adds just the right life to it without being overpowering. Beautiful!

  5. suetortoise Says:

    Thank you all. The crocus is only just a stitch-sketch – I’m trying to learn to work freely with the needle, rather than planning everything. I don’t find this easy!

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