Eric Lindsay Jones, May 1920 to June 2015

Eric Jones - 90th Birthday Portrait I had a wonderful father.

Eric, who was born in Swansea in 1920, died last week, aged 95, in Hereford County Hospital. I shall miss him tremendously: his dry sense of humour and fondness for silly rhymes and bad puns; his kindness to everyone, his honesty, his optimism and patience; his ingenuity at solving problems, making and mending things and interest in everything. He loved music, played piano and organ and was an accomplished photographer. He was an electronic design engineer by profession, having worked for Standard Telephones and Cables for over 25 years, and then specialised in bespoke electronic church organs until he retired. After moving to Bucknell in 1976, he got involved in the life of the village: providing music, sound effects and posters for the panto society, joining the choir and being reserve organist at St Mary’s Church, helping people, fixing things.

He was married to my mother for 60 years, and they worked well as a team: Eric took photos and Barbara painted pictures from the slides. When my mother’s health failed, he cared for her, patiently and lovingly.

His own health had been gradually failing for the last year, despite making a very good recovery from a stroke last January, but his mind stayed clear and he still enjoyed programming his computer, doing Sudoku puzzles and reading. Just recently, he was starting to get frustrated by his lack of energy and difficulty in talking clearly. His heart was failing. He was in hospital for three days, while the doctors made every effort to stabilise him so he could go back home for the end. But his kidneys were failing too, and they could only keep him comfortable. He died peacefully in his sleep and my sister was with him.

(The picture above is one I took on his 90th birthday.)


18 Responses to “Eric Lindsay Jones, May 1920 to June 2015”

  1. So sorry for your lost. A deep hug for you

  2. Tuppence Says:

    So sorry. Sounds like he was a real treasure of a Dad.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    My sympathies. That’s a lovely portrait.

  4. My dear, he sounds like he was an amazing man and the memories of his life will bring a smile.

  5. Margaret Clancy Says:

    What a wonderful man and so obviously loved by his family. My sincere condolences to you.

  6. My sympathies. You have written a lovely, and loving portrait of a life well lived.

  7. Kevon Kenna Says:

    I only met him a couple of times, but found him admirable and interesting. It’s a poorer world without him.

    • suetortoise Says:

      I wish you two could have got to know each other better. I think you would have become good friends once the mutual shyness wore off.

  8. He sounds like he was a wonderful, wonderful man. Many hugs

  9. You are fortunate to have had a wonderful father whom you obviously loved dearly. He was fortunate to be the recipient of your love. Keep the wonderful memories close in your heart and keep the love flowing.

  10. Catherine T Says:

    I just happened upon your blog through Mary Corbet’s NeedlenThread…I cried when reading this! I’m so sorry for your loss…but you were so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad! May we will always have those memories….💓

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