Chinese Bird Panels

Bird on Green Bird on Blue

I saw these two framed panels for sale at Jean Jones Antiques & Collectables in Shrewsbury Market today and couldn’t resist them. Chinese silk and metal thread embroidery, on silk fabric. Each roundel is about 27 cm in diameter: one on green silk, one on blue. I suspect that they date from the late 1960s or 1970s – I’d be glad to find out more about them. I didn’t want to remove them from their frames (they’ve been framed here in Shropshire), so I have had to take these photos through the glass. Aren’t they lovely panels?

Bird closeup 1 Bird closeup 2

The stitching is very neat. The metal threads are laid in pairs in the traditional Chinese manner.

Bird closeup 3 Bird closeup 4

The silkwork is all satin stitch or long and short stitch except for four tiny circular motifs on the blue panel.


7 Responses to “Chinese Bird Panels”

  1. What a lovely find! lucky you!!

  2. Pam in the UK Says:

    They are very beautiful!

  3. Glorious – a real treat to see. What a find!

  4. Megan Hodges Says:

    oh wow! Beautiful! I’m glad these beautiful works have found a home where they will be truly appreciatedl.

  5. Thank you for showing these lovely pieces! Very inspirational.

  6. suetortoise Says:

    As you can read in my next post, the inspiration was impossible to resist.

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