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Blackwork Sprig Chart

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blackwork sprig chart

Here’s a chart for the blackwork design on the card. It is an old sampler pattern, with a simple border added. Note that each stitch of the sprig is over two threads, but the four-sided stitch is over four threads. This kind of simple, traditional motif can be endlessly adapted and altered to suit other purposes.


Diamond Band Bookmark – another adaptation from Shorleyker

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Shorleyker Diamon Band Bookmark

I adapted one of the designs from page H3 of A Schole-House for the Needle to make this bookmark. (If you have the book, it’s the fourth pattern band on the left-hand side.) The woodcut in the book could be interpreted in several ways – It was probably copied from a sample by someone who didn’t do counted-thread embroidery themselves – but I think it was almost certainly originally worked using counted satin stitch and a diagonal stitch – probably reversed faggoting or reversed double faggoting.

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