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In the Dingle-Dangle Morning…

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Dingle Garden, fountain and fuchsias

I’m still uncertain if what ailed me last weekend was a mild dose of the Swine Flu or not. Two days of feeling feverish and sore-throated, two days of total lethargy with a headache but no temperature (mostly spent asleep) and two days of steady recovery. I was back at work on Thursday, back to normal, and yesterday evening I was having fun at the Shropshire Community Flickr Group‘s Summer Barbeque, at the home of Steve Green and Lorna Rutter, and blogged by Steve here. We shall draw a discreet veil over the late-night karaoke (pictured in its full horror by David Turner here). That was good!

After a late night, a lazy day today. I decided to take my stitchery to the Dingle Garden in Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park. A lovely sheltered spot to enjoy a rare dry, and mostly sunny morning.
Dingle Garden, formal beds
The Shrewsbury Flower Show is in two week’s time, so the garden is looking immaculate and full of colour.
Dingle Garden, fountain lion

The ornamental fountain in the centre of the formal beds has recently been repainted, and was running. I can’t remember when I last saw it in action, or looking so elegant. The new cream and gold colour scheme is a great improvement on the old white and blue.
Dingle Garden, subtle shades
With the garden at its best, I was pleased to see that Percy Thrower’s statue was back on its plinth again. Percy, Britain’s best known gardening expert in my youth, was the Head Gardener here in Shrewsbury for many years, living in the town for most of his life. He was responsible for the restoration of the neglected Dingle, making it the showpiece of the Quarry Park. And looking at it today, full of colour and sparkling water, I think the old boy would have been quietly proud of way his successors have kept the faith.
Dingle Garden, Percy Thrower