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Anticipating Umerus

Posted in Shift Time Festival with tags , , , , , on July 2, 2009 by suetortoise

Inspecting the surfaceEngineer/artist Theo Jansen arrived from Holland with two of his Strandbeests today. Here he is inspecting the surface being laid down for the walking sculptures.

Unlocking the container

Watched by a tense Jon King, Festival Manager, Theo unlocks the big orange container.

A first glimps of the tightly-packed Strandbeests.

The door opens



Relieved Theo





They’ve arrived safely!


The small Beest was first out of the container, and proved quite happy to walk on the grass of the Quarry Park

The Small Beest

Umerus travelled in several sections. Here Theo guides the second of them out into the sunshine.
Umerus emerges

Working on Umerus
When I left the park, Umerus was being carefully put together. I’m really looking forward to seeing it in action on Saturday 4th July, and to Theo’s talk in St Mary’s Church on the afternoon of 11th July.