The Seasonal One

Yes, I think it’s time for my usual Christmastime post, wishing you all the compliments of the season and good wishes for the New Year. Last year, I was still grieving too much to want to decorate the Tortoise Loft, but this year the tree has been up for a few days, and here it is being suitably festive:

A Merry Christmas - or other winter festival of your choice - and a Very Happy New Year!

And for anyone who feels the need for a little more reading material, particularly a short piece for reading aloud, I offer The Antisanta which I wrote in 2010.

Thank you for your kind comments over the year. Blogs die too easily from lack of comments and feedback, so make sure you drop your favourite sites a line occasionally and keep them healthy.

Have fun, and I’ll see you all early in the New Year.


6 Responses to “The Seasonal One”

  1. Elmsley Rose Says:

    Please have a wonderful Christmas, lovely lady. You deserve it. Hugs, Megan

    • suetortoise Says:

      And to you and the kitties, Megan. Meeting you in person was one of the highlights of my year (and lovely Anzac biscuits, too)! First Christmas in your new flat. What fun!

  2. You’re doing better than I! I brought down the salmon-trap Christmas Tree, plugged it in, and the lights failed!

    It has lights again now, but it had to look pretty without sparkling over Christmas itself..

    All the very best for the New Year!

    • suetortoise Says:

      The 20 lights I bought from Woolies had to have one bulb replaced when I took them out of the cupboard – the second bulb since I got them in 1999, so I am not complaining. I am rather more concerned with a tiny detached arm I spotted on the floor yesterday – none of my little wooden people appear to be missing one. I shall keep it safe as I’ll probably find the accident victim when I take the tree down.
      A very happy New Year to you and Colin, too!

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