About Sue Jones

In a world well-stocked with Sue Joneses, I’m generally better known online as Sue Tortoise. (It’s a long story. But no, I’ve never owned a real tortoise.)

I live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK. I have wide-ranging interests (as you’ll find out from the blog), and a tendancy to waffle on at great length on the slightest provocation. Feel free to provoke.


19 Responses to “About Sue Jones”

  1. Kevon Kenna Says:

    Anne Fibian and Elle Leatherback recently took Private Eye to task for its many anti-tortoise cartoons. You have more friends than you know.

    • suetortoise Says:

      I prefer the friends I know, or at least the ones I think I will like when I get to know them 🙂

  2. Dear Sue,
    I work for the Buenos Aries’ Ministry of Education. I am currently preparing a video presentation to celebrate Darwin’s anniversary, for distribution in over 600 local schools. I came across your Mount House pictures, and I thought perhaps you would be so kind to send us several high resolution takes of Darwin’s house and other sites of interest. You will receive full credit for your contribution and I promise to mail you a copy of the final product.
    Eagerly awaiting your answer, with best regards,
    Hugo M. Castellano
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  3. suetortoise Says:

    Thank you for contacting me, Hugo. I hope I can help your project. I shall be sending you an email shortly.

  4. Hi Sue
    I’m the webmaster for Pig Dyke Molly. May I copy your recent pictures of us at Shrewsbury Folk Festival for our web site? You’ll be credited of course, and we’ll link to the web site/page of your choice! (here or flickr, whatever…)

    • suetortoise Says:

      Yes, certainly! You are very welcome to make use of them for your publicity. Please put a link through to the photos on Flickr if you copy them onto your site. Let me know if you’re performing in these parts again, won’t you? And my best regards to Nodger!

  5. Hi there Sue,

    I came across some of your work on Flickr while doing a google image search for All Saints Church in Wellington (i’ll get back to that in a second!)

    I have ended up spending a good hour browsing through some of your work (deviating from my original search!) and wanted to say how amazing your photography is and that I really enjoyed looking over the photographs. There was one of a Robin sat in a Razor Wire Sculpture that was really fascinating and such an interesting picture!

    Other than voicing that, I wanted to ask you about the picture on Flickr of All Saints Church from January this year. I have a friend who is a member of the congrigation at the church who is getting married there this weekend and I wanted to get him a print of the church as a gift. Youre picture is so beatiful and catches the church exactly as I had imagined when I though of the gift.

    Do you sell hi res digital copies of your photographs as I would be really interested in buying a copy to get blown up for him and his new wife.

    Many thanks and looking forward to your response,

    Matt Holt

    PS Please keep up the amazing work – Photographs like yours make me wish i stopped to look a bit more closely at the world while rushing through daily life!

    • suetortoise Says:

      Matthew, thank you for your kind comments. I do have a much higher resolution version of this picture. I can’t get the email address you gave with this comment to work, but if you can email me at sue dot tortoise at btinternet dot com, I will be happy to discuss terms.

      • Hi Sue,

        thanks for replying, I have dropped you an email at the address provided above and look forward to your reply.

        In case there are any problems with that mail the address should be matthew dot holt at live dot co dot uk.

        Thanks again


  6. Hey Sue, I ran across one of your photos On FLickr called ammonite moon, im sure you know the one. I havea rather personal request to reproduce this image. i have thought long and hard and i am Wondering if you would allow me to get “Ammonite moon” Tattooed on my body. It is jsut a Extrordinary piece of work and I think it sums up What i have gone through these past 20 years in my life . (guess how old I am) It would mean a lot if you would allow this and i would be more than willing to show you the finished work via photo for you to do with what you want. Hope to hear from you soon. Bryn

  7. suetortoise Says:

    This is the first time that I’ve been asked for one of my pieces of work to be used as a tattoo, Bryn!

    You have my permission for this, for this one use. If your tattooist wants to make further use of the design, he or she will need to contact me for commercial permission.

    I do hope you will still be as happy with the design in another twenty years — it’s a long-term committment, you are thinking of making, and tastes and fashions can change. But if you are certain, then I wish you a long and happy life in the company of Ammonite Moon and would be interested to see a picture of the tattoo once it has healed up.

  8. I will be glad to send you a picture once it has all healed up. The artists estimates of the piece is a 6 hour job. Just to put your mind at ease i have done a lot of thought into getting it and i know i wont be dissapointed. However i do not know where to send the picture once i am done a e-mail adress would be most helpful. Thanks for allowing me to do this

  9. suetortoise Says:

    Six hours of being stabbed in the name of art doesn’t appeal to me, but good luck!

    You can mail to Sue [at] www [dot] tortoiseloft [dot] com.

  10. meg coughlin Says:

    Sue, I signed up to receive your blog to my email address, but I DO HOPE !! that I will not receive everyone’s posts to the blog. The WordPress registering process became confusing. If I am on the posts please take me off and leave me on your info only. Many thanks, Meg

    • suetortoise Says:

      I have no control over that side of things. You would have to unsubscribe to the email yourself if you were getting too many comments, through WordPress. I think ‘following’ gets you everything, but email notifications of posts only gives a notice that there’s a new post.

  11. Gail Langton Says:

    Hi Sue

    I have just found your website whilst merrily surfing!! I am Chairman and founder of the Kenya Embroiderers Guild – may i put your website details in our newsletter?

    • suetortoise Says:

      Certainly, if you think it will be of interest to some of your members. Thank you for visiting, and my best wishes to your Guild.

  12. alexandrageorgia Says:

    Wow Sue! You’re famous worldwide!

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